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Multifunctional muslin swaddle. Light, delicate and flexible. It will work as a wrap for babies, in which the child feels safe and airy summer blanket.

Made of 100% bamboo fabric coated with Silver Plus Protection antibacterial particles, which provide perfect protection against bacteria.
The most important properties of bamboo:

3 x A: antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergenic
free from pesticides and pollution
water absorption up to 60% higher than normal cotton
self-sterilising (the fabric is 30% self-sterilising, which gives a feeling of freshness)
odour neutralisation (absorbs unpleasant smells and gives them up only when washed in water), fully biodegradable.

115×115 cm
100% bamboo

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More about the Silver Plus formula:
Silver used in nanoparticle form is not allergenic, does not irritate the skin and is not toxic. Apart from the most important action against bacteria, the biostatic fabric (i.e. with the Sliver Plus formula) has another advantage: it prevents the development of house dust mites. Although dust mites do not die completely, the number of them does not increase, and these microscopic arachnids are very often the cause of allergic symptoms, e.g. shortness of breath, rhinitis and conjunctivitis. It also helps treat skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis.
A hand-stitched product, with the highest precision and with the use of the best quality materials. Packed in an elegant box. Perfectly suited as beautiful and unique gift for a baby shower.

The product should be used under parental supervision.

Tones of print on fabrics or colours of raw materils of components of products may vary depending on production batches. It is not a produkction defect.

As a result of intensive use and frequent washing, bamboo products may wear out naturally – the fabric may become stretched or pilled. This type of wear and tear does not constitute grounds for complaint.

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